My Lightroom presets work for all conditions and can be adapted to work with any photograph. Simple adjustments in the ‘Basic’ module in Lightroom can make the presets even more versatile. Changing adjustments like Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks within the ‘Basic’ module can make the presets more flexible. 


Q: What are Lightroom Presets?

A: Lightroom Presets are installable filters for Adobe Lightroom that can efficiently and professionally improve your photographs, sometimes with just the click of a button. Presets are pre-made filters that offer dozens of pre-adjusted settings. Most presets will require some adjustments once placed on an image. This is due to the fact that every photo has been shot in different lighting conditions therefore there will be adjustments that need to be made to fit the environment the photo was shot in.


Q: What version of Lightroom do I need?

A: My Lightroom Presets are compatible with all the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic. 


Q: Can I use Lightroom Presets in Lightroom Mobile?

A: If you’re a subscriber of  Adobe’s Photography plan you’re able to sync the presets you have in Lightroom CC from your desktop to the Lightroom mobile app.


Q: Are your presets compatible on Mac & PC?

A: Absolutely! My presets are compatible with both Mac and PC, and always will be.


Q: If I buy a new computer can I transfer my presets? 

A: Yes you can! Once you have the zip. folder downloaded you will be able to transfer that folder to any new computer and import the presets like you did the first time. Additionally in the receipt you get after purchasing presets there will be a permanent download link. 


Q: Are your downloads instant? 

A: Yes! All downloads are instant after the purchase and a download link will automatically be sent to your email after payment is complete. 


Q: What currency do you accept?

A: Currently everything in the store is listed in Brazilian Real R$.


Q:     How do I install Lightroom Presets?

  1.   Locate the ‘Preset’ panel on the left of the Develop screen in Adobe Lightroom;
  2.  Click the ‘+’ button to the right of the word “Presets” in the ‘Preset’ panel;
  3. Select ‘Import Presets…’ and then locate the Esthetic Label Lightroom Presets from your download folder and select Import;
  4. Then enjoy the professional adjustments in seconds!

 If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Lightroom then please refer to these instructions instead: 

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom
  2. Go to: Lightroom > Preferences > Presets
  3. Click on the box titled: "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"
  4. This will open a Finder window, double click on the folder titled "Lightroom"
  5. Open the folder entitled "Develop Presets"
  6. Then, find the “Esthetic Label" zip. file you downloaded, unzip it (double click on the file) and copy the folder into the "Develop Presets" folder.
  7. Close and restart Lightroom
  8. Go into the "Develop" module, the presets will now be available in the "Presets" window on the left of your Lightroom.